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Quest2Earn Web3 Project TaskChain Launches Token Presale

TaskChain, a revolutionary Web3 earnings platform that distributes small tasks assignments (“Quests”), digital employment, and rewards community, has launched its presale. This announcement comes just before the launch of TaskChain’s platform, which could revolutionise the way the online community earn.

TaskChain says it is building a platform where anyone, anywhere in the world, can quickly and easily find a wide variety of opportunities to earn extra income through collaboration with others by combining Web3 technology with GameFi features. The announcement of the presale launch of TaskChain is a thrilling chance for early investors to take part in the development of a promising new Web3 platform.

The TaskChain Mission

TaskChain’s fundamental mission is to promote widespread financial inclusion by means of engaging and simple Web3 tools for the general public. Quests, digital jobs, or one-time engagements that users can undertake to earn crypto incentives on the site have the potential to level the playing field, especially for low-income areas.

Each “Quest” is backed by video game mechanics, and there are plans to integrate virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) capabilities into the platform to further immerse players. When users complete a “Quest” on TaskChain’s “Quest2Earn” function, they get experience points, progress through levels, and receive rewards, much like in a video game. The platform uses TaskChain’s native coin, $TASKC, to reward users.

Quest2Earn, which takes its cues from popular video game missions, provides a fun and interactive way for everyone, regardless of location or skill level, to earn. You can find interesting quests on Quest2Earn that are arranged by topic, such as shopping, travelling, studying, trade, events, and more.

In addition to the cryptocurrency prizes for accomplishing these and other tasks inside these quests, users can acquire experience (XP) points to level up and unlock milestone rewards, making the process of earning crypto both fun and rewarding.

TaskChain’s Quest2Earn feature adds the excitement of gaming to actual activities, making the earning process fun and engaging. TaskChain makes it possible for anybody, regardless of their origin or location, to engage in its ecosystem and earn rewards by providing a wide variety of Quests and Quest2Earn features. Users from all walks of life benefit from this strategy because they are given the tools they need to pursue lucrative career paths and earn decent income.

TaskChain token ($TASK) Presale

The initial launch price of TaskChain’s TASKC token is $0.011. Pre-sale phase one features a 175% pricing differential between the current beta stage price of $0.004 per token and the final sale price of $0.01.  It rewards to participate early because early buyers will pay a lower initial investment price per token.

Scarcity and value are built into the $TASKC token’s design with a total supply of 4 billion tokens. The project has allocated investors a portion of 2.8 billion tokens across 11 unique phases during the presale. To further incentivize people to join the presale, there will be a giveaway of rewards worth $120,000.

TaskChain’s $TASKC ERC20 token is based on  Ethereum Blockchain, which will provide fairness, safety, and speedy payouts of rewards. The project team says it has undergone a thorough security audit and KYC checks, giving investors peace of mind.