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Privacy-focused Protocol zkPass Opens Pre-alpha Testnet to the Public

The Pre-alpha Testnet for zkPass, the privacy-protecting protocol for private data verification, is now open to testing by the public. As part of this revolutionary step, zkPass has introduced TransGate, a gateway that allows users to choose and discreetly validate their data from any HTTPS website.

Data verification and scalability the zkPass way

In July, zkPass released its Pre-alpha Testnet, which attracted much attention, attracting over 200,000 sign-ups for the waiting list.  According to zkPass, there are currently over 100K zk proofs, each of which represents the private data, identity, or ownership of one of the thousands of whitelisted users.

The zkPass Pre-alpha Testnet represents a significant turningpoint for private data verification, built on top of Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Multi-Party Computation, and Three-Party Transport Layer Security. This includes many different kinds of information, such as one’s legal identification, financial records, health records, social interactions, employment records, educational records, and certifications in a particular field. Those using zkPass, won’t have to provide or upload any private information in order to pass these checks.

zkPass uses MPC, ZKP, and other cryptographic technologies to verify a user’s HTTPS-based web session. This means that it’s no longer necessary to file uploads or disclose private information.

Composable decentralised identity passes, DeFi financing protocols based on off-chain credit, privacy-ensured healthcare data marketplaces, dating applications including verified zkSBTs, etc. can all benefit from incorporating zkPass. Basically, zkPass is a great tool anywhere security and privacy are concerns.

The company is inviting users to provide feedback and play an active role in developing this innovative technology.

Use cases

zkPass streamlines the usage of any HTTPS-based website as a trustworthy data source for the provenance of zero-knowledge metadata without the need to authorise any APIs by revamping the TLS protocol to Three-party TLS.

What is the Testnet and why participate in it?

The input of users is crucial to the development of a better solution. Technology enthusiasts, privacy activists, and anyone who places a high value on secure data practices may want to participate in the Pre-alpha Testnet now that it is available to the public. The goal of this invitation is to work together with zkPass to influence the future of data privacy.

Users who join the Pre-alpha Testnet have the unique opportunity to provide feedback on a potentially revolutionary solution at an early stage in its development. In an increasingly data-centric society, this collaborative effort is crucial in shaping zkPass into a privacy-focused system that gives users agency.

It is quite easy to participate in the zkPass Pre-alpha Testnet:

  • Get the TransGate add-on for Google Chrome by visiting the store’s official website.
  • To participate in the Pre-alpha Testnet and witness the benefits of private data validation firsthand, interested users can sign up at pre.zkpass.org.