Pi Coin Price Prediction: Is the Project Worthless?

The pi coin is one of the largest cryptocurrency projects based on its active user base, boasting over 30 million monthly users. However, despite being in the market for years, the project is yet to be officially launched and become readily available in exchanges. 

Therefore, many people, including its critics and adopters, have criticized the project heavily due to its slow pace of coming into the markets. One of its biggest criticism by most people is the lack of clear communication on when the project will be launched. This has resulted in some calling it a scam or a ponzi scam. 

However, despite the criticism, its huge army of supporters has continually defended the project. They argue that the project cannot be a scam or a Ponzi scheme. This is because, although the coins held as of this moment are worthless, the platform has never asked them for money or investments. Users of the platform only need to invest their time. Mining Pi Coins also is easy and does not require heavy investment as it can be done using a mobile phone.

Secondly, there has never been evidence that Pi Coin sells its users’ data to a third party. Therefore, most users of the platform point to this as evidence that the people behind the project are well-meaning. With a strong user base of over 30 million active monthly users, a scam project or a Ponzi scheme project would be looking to benefit financially from their creation.

The Pi Coin Price Analysis

The Pi Coin project is still not launched, and therefore it is not available in all exchanges. Therefore, the current value of the Pi Coin project is nil, and there is a high likelihood it will remain worthless for the next few months or even years. 

Since I do not have any data to base my analysis on, my price speculation, should the Pi Coin ever be launched, is that it will trade below the $0.001 price level. This is due to its large volume and huge user base looking to cash in.