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peaq Integrates AYDO, Creating DePINs for Smart Devices

peaq Network, the company leading the world toward a future built on Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Networks, has expanded its ecosystem by integrating AYDO, a platform facilitating interaction among IoT devices manufactured by different companies. With the platform they’re developing, AYDO will enable IoT devices from any manufacturer to communicate with each other and upload data to blockchains that they support.

This mechanism will enable people to link their devices to the blockchain thanks to AYDO’s platform integration with peaq. In addition to configuring the decentralised data storage system and user reward rules, it will let users generate self-sovereign peaq IDs for their devices.

The case for privacy in smart devices

Given the growing use of connected devices in our daily lives, the global smart home market is projected to surpass $680 million by 2030. The flipside to this is that tech companies will get access to even more personal data through smart devices connected to the Web2 backbone.

AYDO’s engagement with Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePINs) blockchains is designed to promote cross-chain connectivity for all Internet of Things (IoT) devices. AYDO is keen on flipping the privacy intrusion characterised by Web 2 infrastructure, and gives people full ownership and control over their data as they easily and verifiably transfer it from their devices to blockchains that support it.

By integrating with peaq, a wide range of connected devices will be able to collaborate on a Web3 platform that prioritises privacy. The AYDO platform will become a potent tool for peaq-based decentralised physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) after the integration, providing the community with a flexible instrument for Internet of Things (IoT) networking.

Apart from integrating peaq into its platform, AYDO will enable customers to establish decentralised data storage, set up reward schemes, and self-sovereign peaq IDs for their devices. It will also develop apps for both iOS and Android phones, so users can set up and monitor their devices.