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Peaq Foundation, EWOR Partner in $150 K Support to Web3 Startup Leaders

Peaq Foundation, the organization behind the peaq Network, is partnering with EWOR, a hybrid master’s degree and early-stage VC firm to launch a new initiative to help five entrepreneurs get off the ground and build their businesses to full potential. Among other things, the initiative will provide them with seed money and access to world-class training materials developed by successful entrepreneurs. In addition, the peak network will provide them with great opportunities for networking as they develop machine-focused dApps.

What the program offers

The program leverages EWOR’s Education Circle platform to offer the entrepreneurs high-quality Web3 courses jointly developed by EWOR and peaq. Also, it will give the beneficiaries access to a wide range of mentorship, coaching, and networking opportunities with their peers and investors. The program also features weekly webinars with seasoned business owners.

Peaq and EWOR have collaborated to create a 10-month program that will provide aspiring builders with a wide range of skills, mentorship, and networking opportunities. In addition, the program comes with financial backing of up to €150,000. The goal is to develop a Web3-centric incubator for startup creators working on dApps for machines, robotics, and vehicles.

Many founders are unable to develop their innovative ideas to full potential due to financial constraints. In addition, the current climate of risk aversion among investors is a major indicator of macroeconomic pressures. This program by Peaq Foundation and EWOR is designed specifically for aspiring Web3 innovators interested in creating Economy of Things dApps on peaq.

In April, EWOR and peaq selected their first group of five entrepreneurs. Among them are Andres, the founder of Latin America’s first PropTech company, and Radovan, a graduate of the London School of Economics who grew his startup, Kykeon Advisors, from zero to $300,000+ in revenue through a combination of hard work and luck.

The others are Usman, an expert in fintech who has spoken at Exeter, Faizah, a disruptor in the field of education technology who is enthusiastic about expanding access to financial services, and Elliot, a seasoned data scientist who is enthusiastic about artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Through its partnership with peaq, EWOR will have the opportunity to sign tickets worth €75,000 to €150,000 to invest in the most promising Web3 EoT initiatives. In return, the Peaq Foundation will connect the builders with investors that support peaq and provide them with grants from the Ecosystem Grant Programme. Participating companies will be connected with other businesses and initiatives working on the Gaia-X 4FM moveID project, of which peaq is a part. Some of the companies that have already onboarded include Bosch, Continental, and Airbus.