Over half of UK women lack investment experience, according to a recent survey.

A survey was conducted recently, and in its findings, 65% of women in the UK admitted to being beginners in investment without any prior investment experience. When asked about their trading or investment experience,15% of female respondents described themselves as knowledgeable investors, as opposed to 28% of men in the same demographic. 

Two thousand people took part in the survey. 51% were women demonstrating the difference in online investment experience between men and women. The survey was carried out by OnePoll and was authorized by Capital.com. The nationwide survey also revealed that 29% of female respondents have traded in stocks and shares online versus the 47% of men.

Answering why they were not trading online, 52% of female respondents said they were not interested in trading shares and stocks online because they lacked adequate knowledge. In comparison, 58% of women said it was precarious. Additionally, 22% of women said they were afraid of high charges for trading online.

Jonathan Squires, Capital.com’s CEO, said:

Based on the findings of the survey, female investors are less likely to invest or trade online if they are not fully informed of the risk associated with it. A big part of trading and investing is about building confidence through research, education and learning. If you aren’t fully informed, then you shouldn’t trade.”

He further explained that:

While female respondents are less inclined to trade online compared to men, the survey also revealed how British females are more disciplined than men when it comes to saving. In fact, when asked how they would invest £1000, more women than men said they would save it (41% women vs 31% men) or invest it in an ISA (30% women vs 28% men).” 

Squires also added:

This survey shows that female investors prioritise saving more so than men. But more needs to be done to support all types of investors when it comes to investing in stocks and shares and other asset classes with different risk-reward profiles.”

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