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Outer Ring MMO Announces GQ Integration Into its Ecosystem

Outer Ring MMO, the web3 science fiction role-playing game, which is part of the Blink Galaxy ecosystem, has announced that players and users with Galactic Quadrant (GQ) token can now use it in the exciting Pre-Alpha version’s battlegrounds.

A journey inside Outer Ring MMO

Developed by Maniac Panda Games, Outer Ring MMO is a free-to-play third-person science fiction action RPG. In this game, players embark on a fantastical quest spanning galaxies, encountering aliens, solving ancient secrets, and exploring new worlds as they explore a unique metaverse.

Outer Ring has released an array of new player-versus-player maps just for this special event. Now players can add a sense of adventure and challenge to their gaming experience by immersing themselves in various environments with unique rules. By launching this new game mode, Outer Ring formally adopts a unique web3 in-game concept. Consequently, users will have new experiences, which will help the company.

Significant improvements have been made to Blink Galaxy to improve the user experience in preparation for the GQ event. With the addition of several new features, the platform has become much easier to use, allowing users to mint GQ, claim it, and deposit it all from within their Blink Galaxy accounts. The goal of this intuitive approach is to enable players to quickly get their tokens ready for this thrilling new kind of combat.

In addition, the Outer Ring MMO has now revealed more in-game features that centre on its token, making it the central component of the Outer Ring MMO ecosystem.  Unique NFTs created by players can be utilised in next game updates, allowing them to create unique weapons and armour.