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Nexo Launches Dual Investment Product Earning Interest Regardless of Market Swings

Nexo, the digital assets services company, has today launched Dual Investment, a high-yield product that uses automated processes to ensure profits. This new product seamlessly integrates with Nexo’s unique customer-centric features and the highly regarded Earn package, taking design cues from structured products seen in traditional finance.

The new product offers Nexo customers a new option to generate larger returns in shorter amounts of time. Dual Investment combines Nexo’s yield-earning suite with its strong infrastructure. Doing so allows clients to use their asset price projections to earn passive income at a future date and price of their choosing. Furthermore, they are able to earn income regardless of the market direction and independently of the accuracy of the forecasts.

“Dual Investment revolutionizes how users engage with BTC and ETH, offering a flexible, intuitive, yet sophisticated platform for predicting asset price movements, all while securing high yields,” said Elitsa Taskova, Chief Product Officer at Nexo.

Thanks to the Dual Investment product, crypto investors can earn money and try out buying low and selling high strategies without having to commit to long investment horizons, which is great for those who want to ensure a return on their investment. Also, this product is a great choice for those keen on building their portfolio while there are uncertainties in the market. Investors can leverage this solution’s revenue stream while navigating the ever-changing markets in search of favourable buying and selling prices.

Dual Investment strategies explained

When you subscribe to a plan with Dual Investment, you lock in the rate. This assures you of a guaranteed interest no matter what transpires in the market. The product’s two investment strategies, Buy Low and Sell High, are designed to cater to users’ different perspectives on the market and their personal goals.

  • The Buy Low approach lets users use USDT to acquire BTC or ETH at a target and date that they specify, which is ideal for people who anticipate a target price lower than the current market value.
  • On the other hand, those who think the target price will be higher than the market value right now, can sell their BTC or ETH for Tether at that price on a specified date using the Sell High approach.