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Mintlayer’s Incubated Project Atomiq DeFi Secures X21 Digital as Lead Investor During $3M Seed Round

Atomiq DeFi is thrilled to announce that it has locked in renowned venture capital firm X21 Digital during its $3 million seed funding round which is coming to a close soon. The round will mark a major milestone for Atomiq DeFi as it pioneers the development of what it calls “The World’s First Atomic-Swap Powered DEX on Bitcoin ” developed using Mintlayer, an L2 protocol that enhances the Bitcoin blockchain with direct token interoperability via its Atomic Swap technology. The project was also the first to be incubated by Mintlayer, having received a $1.5 million grant from its Ecosystem Fund.

In addition to the lead investment from X21 Digital, the seed round saw Atomiq DeFi garner support from digital asset investment fund AlphaBit as well as other prominent venture capital firms such as NXGen, Dutch Crypto Investors (DCI Capital), Spicy Capital, and Altcoin Buzz. The project’s advisory board features industry luminaries such as Lester Lim of X21 and Charlie Shrem of the Bitcoin Foundation, and it is currently in advanced discussions and due diligence processes with several Tier-1 launchpads.

Atomiq DeFi aims to capitalize on the fast-growing Bitcoin DeFi market, which Pantera Capital has identified as a $500 billion opportunity. Its product suite will include AtomiDEX, a decentralized exchange facilitating atomic swaps; AtomiqPad, a launchpad for Bitcoin and Mintlayer based projects; AtomiqWallet, a versatile wallet for BTC, MLS, and soon EVM tokens; and AtomiqBridge, which enables the seamless transfer of TVL from EVM and other chains into the Bitcoin ecosystem.

In addition to its roster of investors and advisors, Atomiq DeFi has established strategic partnerships with leading Bitcoin DeFi projects such as SatoshiSync, Portal, and OrdinalsBot, collaborations which its team believe contribute to a more cohesive and integrated BTC ecosystem.
“Exploring the frontiers of Bitcoin DeFi, Atomiq DeFi’s DEX and its atomic swaps technology are nothing short of revolutionary. It’s like we’re opening a new chapter in the saga of blockchain evolution. Being one of the early believers in Bitcoin and Mintlayer, I can’t help but feel a surge of excitement seeing our path now merging with the groundbreaking efforts of Atomiq DeFi. It’s a thrilling time to be part of this journey.” – Charlie Shrem, Bitcoin Foundation Founder, Advisor 

“The introduction of Atomiq DeFi’s atomic swap-powered DEX marks a pivotal moment for Bitcoin. It’s a testament to the innovative spirit driving the DeFi space and a clear sign that Bitcoin’s untapped potential is finally being realized.” – Lester Lim, X21 Digital, Lead Investor

About Atomiq DeFi:

Incubated by Layer-2 protocol Mintlayer, Atomiq DeFi is at the forefront of Bitcoin DeFi innovation. It is currently developing a comprehensive suite of Bitcoin-focused products powered by Atomic Swaps, comprising AtomiqDEX, AtomiqPad, AtomiqWallet, and AtomiqBridge. The project intends to enhance the functionality and accessibility of DeFi services within the Bitcoin ecosystem, generating value for users and promoting Bitcoin as an alternative to EVM chains for investors, traders, lenders and other DeFi participants.

About Mintlayer:

Mintlayer is a Bitcoin layer 2 sidechain that improves direct token interoperability and enables ways to trade value and participate in truly trustless finance. In the coming year via Atomic Swaps Mintlayer hopes to unlock the use of native Bitcoin in DeFi applications.  Financial use cases supported by Mintlayer include P2P trading using Atomic Swaps, Real World Asset tokenization, security tokens, and digital collectibles.