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Microsoft and Axelar Announce Partnership For Blockchain Interoperability

Tech giant Microsoft has announced a partnership with Axelar, the cross-chain protocol, to connect public and private blockchains. As Microsoft and Axelar work together on AI and hybrid blockchain projects, the former’s Azure Marketplace will feature Axelar’s data integration and interoperability solutions for blockchains. As a result of the partnership, Axelar will be the first cross-chain protocol on the developer’s website.

Easing access to blockchain and opportunities in Web3

The partnership’s shared goal is to help developers and businesses expand and innovate by breaking down barriers between previously isolated networks and systems. It aims to make it easier for businesses and Web3 startups to begin using blockchain technology, which will improve user experience and open up new avenues for development and creativity. Customers of the Microsoft Azure Marketplace will be able to gain access to the following in particular:

  • A secure and programmable method for blockchains to communicate with one another.
  • AxelarJS SDK developer services and tools for automating multichain deployments of interchain-native Web3 apps.
  • Axelar General Message Passing (GMP), which lets programmers combine features and network effects regardless of the blockchains or databases used to store them.

The duo hopes to encourage more businesses to use blockchain technology and revolutionise their operations by pooling their resources and talents. This partnership will look into innovative solutions, such as integrating public and private blockchains and using Azure OpenAI capabilities for Web3. Developers will be able to combine features and network effects from many blockchains and databases using Axelar’s General Message Passing (GMP).

In addition, the businesses will look into combining public and private blockchains to strengthen AI software. The AxelarJS software library connects dapps to networks, services, and developer tools, and once integrated, Azure will provide developers with access to this tool. Additionally, Axelar would be able to connect with the tens of thousands of businesses that use Microsoft’s Azure cloud service thanks to this project.