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Memeinator Enters Third Phase of Presale, with A Space Trip to A Lucky Winner

The Memeinator (MMTR) project, which aims to create a new standard in the meme currency industry, has entered the third round of its presale.  Memeinator claims to deliver genuine innovation as opposed to empty rhetoric. Its key features include a deflationary coin, an active community, a well-curated NFT collection, and an AI-powered video game.

Memeinator’s inspiration and mission

Memeinator considers itself unique among meme coins, as it boasts an innovative AI-driven game, a growing community, and prizes like a trip to space on Virgin Galactic. The project’s founders say they were inspired to create their ambitious plan after becoming sick of the industry’s constant barrage of overpriced coins and empty promises.

Inspired by a classic action film from the ’90s, Memeinator has a strong and active community of supporters who are building it from the bottom up. This is strengthened further by a dedicated team that believes in its mission and is prepared to restore faith in meme currencies.

Memeinator is off to a great start, having raised over $500,000 in under 48 hours. Additionally, both the Telegram and Discord communities feature active discussions that have attracted over 20,000 individuals on Twitter to follow the launch.

Solid Proof conducted an audit of Memeinator to confirm its reliability and safety.This is especially important, considering that Solid Proof has built a strong reputation since it came to the scene in 2020, evaluating new blockchain projects. Solid Proof, headquartered in Germany, conducts due diligence reviews of crypto projects’ protocols, dependability, smart contracts, and know your customer (KYC) requirements.

Token economy and strategy

There is a total quantity of 1 billion tokens in the MMTR Tokenomics, with a large amount going towards community participation in the form of competition and marketing pools to support the presale, and another 5% going towards providing exchange liquidity. To keep the token’s value stable, the team will use a burn mechanism that reduces the supply, thus making it deflationary. 

The project’s whitepaper lays out the its breakdown into these four distinct stages. The project will progress from its origin in Phase 1 (team creation, blockchain and smart contract development & marketing launch) to its conclusion in the presale, which includes CEX listings and the debut of the Memeinator game.

Pre-sale participants will also receive an overview of the staking programme and the NFT launch, with specifics to be released later.

The meme coin that could take you to space

One lucky Memeinator user will win a trip on Virgin Galactic, the ultimate vacation experience. Memeinator, which is hosted on Gleam, is showing that it is serious about compensating its user base.

In addition to the grand prize, participants in the presale will receive unique NFTs from the project. While specifics are being kept under wraps for the time being, the NFTs will help to expand and strengthen the community and give this innovative meme coin a real-world virtual identity.


Memeinator’s ‘Meme Warfare’ game will be out in 2024. This shooting game is powered by AI and combines the chaos of battle with the the absurdity of the internet meme scene. It puts players in control of the Memeinator, letting them engage in humorous battles by obliterating their opponents’ meme coin characters.

Memeinator says the game’s currency will accurately reflect its real-world equivalents. The “Memescanner” AI system in the background of Meme Warfare will continuously scour the Internet and feed data into the game. Such depth and realism is an added bonus. In this ecosystem, if the meme coin is underperforming in the market, it is the player’s responsibility to destroy it.