KwikTrust’s SuperNFT Brings New Capabilities to NFT World

KwikTrust has developed a blockchain-based authentication and security platform christened SuperNFT.   The purpose of the platform is to augment the current NFT capabilities in the market. As one of the protocol’s unique features, SuperNFT makes it possible to lock and mint non-fungible tokens. This is done based on verified identity, provenance, and e-signatures.

SuperNFT’s patent application is currently pending approval. Some of the exciting features on the platform include the ability to provide deeds of ownership, mint assets in finance, and provide a repository for intellectual property. 

As a result of SuperNFT’s capabilities, it has addressed three of the most pressing concerns facing NFTs. These include security, proof of identity and provenance. With this, KwikTrust has set a new standard for electronic document validation. and data authentication.

As one of the protocol’s unique features, SuperNFT makes it possible to lock and mint non-fungible tokens with verified identity, provenance, and e-signatures.  

What’s so special about SuperNFT?

KwikTrust enables the transfer and validation of assets because SuperNFT links to legal documents’ signature(s) and identity. As an added benefit, SuperNFT’s file authentication system is legally binding and proven reliable.

On this platform, third parties can verify data or leave it to the platform to do it. This generates an irrefutable trail of activity. The findings of the verification are then securely recorded on the blockchain.

In addition, the platform supports signing and certifying documents such as contracts and invoices. It also enables users to perform Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering checks.

About KwikTrust

KwikTrust has been around since 2019. It is a blockchain-based technology that helps expedite file validation and due diligence in order to give provenance and legal protection. The KwikTrust token, KTX fuels the platform’s operations. It has come at an opportune time when the world seeks new standards for file signing and security for “Web 3.0”.

During the due diligence process, KwikTrust handles issues such as security threats, exorbitant costs, and a lack of data availability. These features are unique to this e-validation solution and are the qualities that set it apart from the competition. Blockchain validation and dynamic data monitoring, also fall under this category of safeguards.