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How Can the Metaverse Offer Artists Complete Freedom?

The crypto community is growing, and so are Web3 companies and tools. This brave new world is showing everyone just how much it can offer. Musicians, artists, and other creatives need a place where they can have free rein, and the metaverse can offer that. 

The metaverse could be a game-changer, especially if artists partner with platforms that allow them to have as much freedom as they require. Let’s look at how that works, where these technologies are going, and what artists can expect.

What Is the Metaverse and How Does It Relate to Artists?

The metaverse is essentially a virtual world where you can do various things, including building and creating art. It is not one virtual world but many, as numerous companies and organizations are entering the sphere and offering their own solutions for specific niches. 

Massive corporations like Meta and smaller niche-specific platforms want to have their place in this new online world. Naturally, giant organizations want complete control, while smaller projects are only looking to realize their vision. 

Their aim is to be a part of and bring us closer to Web3 — the next iteration of the internet that would likely be decentralized, with technologies and solutions like the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and more. Hopefully, it won’t be governed by the same technology corporation giants we have today. 

The metaverse and platforms that offer virtual worlds can provide artists with the means they need to create, sell, and earn. More importantly, they can grant the creators the freedom to work and keep control of their art. In other words, artists don’t have to rely on producers, publishers, and other companies that restrict their creativity.

Artists can create NFTs out of their art and then showcase them on the same platform. The metaverse platforms offering these services won’t stifle their creativity but allow them to showcase their art in the way they want.

Musicians have it much easier since they can create their songs and music videos as NFTs without relying on record labels that impose restrictions and lack transparency. What’s more, they can avoid streaming services and get complete control over their earnings. 

Metaverse Platforms for Artists

Artists may think that it’s more challenging for them, but it isn’t. That’s because we already have plenty of ideal platforms for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Many of these are true metaverses and give artists the freedom they need, as they are primarily community-driven.

Often powered by Ethereum or some other blockchain project, they allow players and users to create avatars and build whatever they want on their plots of land. For example, users can buy land and build a store or an art gallery to showcase their art. 

Said art can be in the form of NFTs, so it’s the artist’s exclusive property. They can showcase it as a mix of 2D art and 3D objects. With the help of VR headsets, everyone can see the piece in its full glory. 

REALM already enables something like this. Its mission is to empower anyone to thrive in the metaverse, which is why it has dedicated spaces for the world of art, music, fashion, and gaming. You can bring your works to life here in the form of NFTs and display them exactly as they were meant to be seen.

With the marketplace embedded into the platform, NFTs can then be traded for money or cryptocurrency. What’s more, everything you create remains yours, as you own all IP and data of your creations. 

Naturally, there are other solutions, and you’ll always find something unique with each platform you choose. The goal is to have complete artistic freedom, so you should focus on platforms like REALM to get it. 

Bottom Line

Web3 might not still be here, but various metaverse platforms bring us closer to this world. More importantly, they are already giving artists ample tools to create, showcase, and sell their art, while maintaining full creative control.  With the help of a good metaverse platform, you can achieve these goals and more in the near future.