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Gelato Expands Rollup-as-a-Service Platform to Optimism’s OP Stack and L2 Chain Lisk

Gelato, the Ethereum-based Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) platform has expanded its full service offerings. The Gelato RaaS Platform makes it easy for anyone to deploy a fully serviced OP Chain with no coding required and in a matter of clicks. This is welcome news for developers, as it will allow them to concentrate on expanding their core business instead.

Gelato RaaS on Optimism

Gelato now offers support for the OP Stack, an open-source modular development framework created by the Optimism Collective. Built to enable the Superchain, the OP Stack is the open-source standard that drives the Optimism ecosystem and helps reduce Ethereum mainnet congestion.

Both Gelato and Optimism envision a future where Web3 applications can be horizontally scaled, built on thousands of interconnected blockchains. An integral part of this ecosystem will be Gelato’s RaaS platform, which will operate the underlying blockchains of its customers and provide a full suite of development tools and services.

According to Gelato Founder Luis Schliesske, the platform is enabling a wide variety of companies to establish their own distinct, ready-to-launch Layer 2 blockchains by making access to a modular blockspace more accessible. This breakthrough step heralds a new age in blockchain use and will release the latent power of popular crypto applications.

By utilising Gelato’s Rollup as a Service platform, the OP Stack can now host, deploy, and monitor new Layer 2 chains. It also integrates natively with Gelato’s Web3 middleware services, which include automation, off-chain data, and Account Abstraction, allowing for an improved user experience. Additionally, the platform offers native, out-of-the-box access to other top-tier web3 services, including Etherscan, The Graph, and LayerZero.

Lisk to be deployed with Gelato

As part of its expansion, Gelato has enabled Lisk, an L1 blockchain to become a part of the Ethereum ecosystem by moving to Ethereum Layer 2. Furthermore, as the first Layer 1 to commit to Optimism’s Superchain vision, Lisk will join OP Mainnet, Base, and other OP Chains.

Lisk and other layer 2 chains using Gelato get far more than just the underlying blockchain itself, as the chains get access to a web3 development environment that is fully set up for production. Developers in web3 can now take advantage of an end-to-end serviced OP Chain for the first time, with all required infrastructure dependencies installed from the start.