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Gaming Platform Iskra Launches Premier Game on Base Blockchain

Iskra, a leading gaming DApp, will launch its newest free-to-play game, ClashMon: Ignition, on the mainnet of the newly-launched Ethereum L2 Base blockchain. On the Iskra gaming platform, players have access to a wide variety of on-chain games, including ClashMon. The Iskra team says these games offer a fun experience together with the advantages of digital ownership, which can be enjoyed through activities like trading, collecting, crafting, and competing.

Iskra is a gaming platform backed by some of South Korea’s largest names in IT and gaming, and it frequently ranks high in DappRadar’s gaming categories for unique active wallets and engagement. Its native ISK token is available on multiple exchanges like MEXC, BitForest and Probit. In addition, Additionally, its founding team includes industry veterans from web3 platforms, including LINE Blockchain, KRUST/Klaytn, Iconloop, and Wemade’s WEMIX, a web3 gaming platform, also based in South Korea.

What awaits players on ClashMon and Base

ClashMon is a browser-based game that aims to be both entertaining and challenging. The game enables players to own a team of ClashMons and use them in various activities like trading, collecting, and fishing. Beginning on August 27th, participants in the ClashMon Onchain Summer Event will be able to mint their very own Game NFT Mystery Box. The box comes with a ClashMon Monster, ClashMon gear, and ClashMon Tokens. Players can start preparing their monster decks in advance of the game’s official release in September 2023 thanks to this initial mint.

Iskra’s unified web3 gaming platform is designed to be accessible to millions of verified Coinbase users in the US and EU thanks to a simple onboarding process. These users will then be able to enjoy some of the top-ranking games developed in South Korea. The decision to launch on Base id because it is a cutting-edge EVM-equivalent L2 network.

This project’s commitment to uplifting economically disadvantaged communities around the world is reflected in Iskra’s extensive background in creating for both established and growing markets in Asia and South America.  The strategy seems to be working, as since 2022, when it raised $40 million in a seed fundraising round, the platform has had exceptional growth in the web3 arena.