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Gaming Blockchain Oasys Partners with Datachain and TOKI to Enhance Web3 Gaming Interoperability

Oasys, a blockchain optimised for gaming, has partnered with Datachain and TOKI to enhance the interoperability of web3 games developed on Oasys. Datachain, which is well-known for its groundbreaking blockchain research and development, brings its acclaimed Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) technology to the alliance.

Leveraging blockchain technology to enhance gaming

The Oasys blockchain is designed with gamers in mind, with a scalable Layer 1 hub and a specialised Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution. In addition, it hosts OasyX, an NFT project built for the gaming industry. Using the ecosystem’s scalable and secure blockchain architecture, game makers may make games that are more efficient, safe, and compatible with one other.

As Oasys continues to build its ecosystem and implement its plan, this partnership is the most recent in a string of high profile collaborations. Among these plans is the “Dragon Update,” which will place an emphasis on the blockchain’s three pillars: ecosystem, interoperability, and high quality content.

Several prominent gaming firms, such as SEGA, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, Ubisoft, etc., have shown their support for Oasys, the game-specific blockchain. These companies are important validators for the network.

As far as blockchain gaming goes, Oasys believes the future lies in giving users unique experiences. To that end, it will be crucial for games to be able to interact with one another. An example of this will be enabling players to conduct cross-chain transactions across several networks with a single click. Working together with Datachain and TOKI and incorporating IBC, the industry standard for web3 interoperability, is a crucial step towards accomplishing this.

For Oasys, not only does IBC offer improved interoperability, but it can also safely enable permissionless cross-chain transactions with built-in response features. The partnership also opens the door for Oasys applications to potentially employ Progmat Coin-issued stablecoins on several blockchains with a single click in the future. Datachain and TOKI are already working with Progmat, a provider of digital asset infrastructure.