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EOS Foundation Expands Presence In Gaming with EZ Swap Investment

EOS Network Ventures (ENV), the investment arm of EOS Network Foundation, has announced a strategic investment worth $500k into EZ Swap. This was part of the latter’s second fundraising round in December 2023, which secured a total of $1 million. Momentum Capital and IOBC Capital were among the other participants in the funding round. The funds will go towards improving the smart inscription protocol and gaming asset landscape.

ENV is on a mission to attract investment and administer it for the benefit of the EOS Network. In keeping with this objective, the company is currently following up on a series of strategic projects.

The latest investment is part of the ENV’s larger strategy to back EZ Swap’s efforts to streamline and democratise access to gaming assets and inscriptions between different networks. Furthermore, the investment will bring value to the network through the acquisition of new users, the promotion of creative gaming solutions, and the improvement of the EOS ecosystem’s general utility and performance.

Exploring the EZ Swap ecosystem

As a vital component of this plan, EZ Swap enhances the EOS Network with cutting-edge smart inscription protocols and decentralised NFT exchange solutions, paving the way for a more efficient and strong gaming asset economy among EOS users.

Utilising the Automated Market Maker (AMM) method, EZ Swap offers a streamlined and effective trading platform that seamlessly connects with games. This not only improves the gaming experience overall, but it also offers new opportunities for developers and players by changing the way assets are sold and used in games.

One of EZ Swap’s strengths lies in helping games put up their own integrated NFT DEXs. In addition, the instant trading model based on P2Pool greatly improves the efficiency of trading game assets. Starting with the Ethereum Mainnet, EZ Swap’s multi-chain deployment approach comprises five EVM chains: Polygon, zkSync, Arbitrum, Manta, and EOS EVM.