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Decentralised Betting Platform Chancer Releases Product Teaser, Presale Crosses $1.7M

The developers of Chancer, a blockchain-based app for predictive markets, have delivered the first update of their application, which is in line with the ambitious goals outlined in their whitepaper. This revision includes significant enhancements to the app’s betting mechanisms, user profiles, leaderboards, and social sharing features.

With almost $1.7 million in funding and only $300,000 remaining to complete round 2, Chancer has embarked on the next round of development before launching the beta. With Stage 2 of the project almost finished, Chancer is generating a lot of buzz in the cryptocurrency space, and its tokens are presently trading at $0.011. Users who participate in the presale early will receive nearly twice as many tokens in exchange for their investment of the project, as the price will rise to $0.021 by the end of the presale.

Chancer’s betting mechanics

The project’s goal is to shake up the worldwide gambling and betting industry by “removing the house” and capturing a sizable chunk of the market while drawing attention by posing a threat to the established bookmaking and betting establishments.

Chancer employs two approaches to betting. Firstly, conventional forms of betting, such as wagering on the results of well-publicized events like NBA games or international elections.

The second approach is Social betting, also known as peer-to-peer betting (P2P betting). This is like a friendly tennis match or a weight-lifting challenge between two friends at the local gym.  The ability for users to place bets with one another on any verifiable event has been cited as a major selling point for Chancer.

For betting on international events like selected NBA games, the product team will additionally supply data validation with nodes to ensure that the outcomes are transparent and can be acted upon in terms of rewards.

More to look forward to

The Leaderboard user interface is also progressing well in order to enable a wide variety of use cases, from social betting to internationally televised bets. It’s a great way for winners to brag to their friends and build their reputations across the global Chancer’s community.

The UI team has also finished their work on user profiles to complement the Leaderboard feature, which will allow gamblers to participate in both private and public competitions.

Chancers may now share their wagers with the world and start new fads with the use of Google’s WebRTC technology and the Social Sharing feature. Anyone can play as long as they have enough money to cover their bets.

The team has scheduled a series of upcoming events, such as Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with the community in September, to mark the first UI and UX milestones by exhibiting their work on the website’s product page. More information can be found on the company’s social media pages.

Chancer’s forward momentum is increasing thanks to its well-thought-out strategy. Since the platform has a detailed roadmap and has the potential to become a genuine disruptor in the gambling business, its future prospects are promising.