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Decentralised Algorithmic Trading Platform Algotech Raises $1.1 Million in 2 Days of Presale

Algotech (ALGT), the decentralized algorithmic trading platform, has revealed that its presale raised $1.1 million in 2 days. Algotech has developed a revolutionary algorithm-driven cryptocurrency trading platform, disrupting traditional manual trading methods. The platform ushers a new age of trading efficiency with an abundance of benefits.

Algotech’s disruptive algorithmic trading

Algotech eliminates the shortcomings of manual trading by employing advanced algorithms and blockchain technology to guarantee security, immutability, and transparency. This is a particularly key difference, as it reduces the influence of human emotions and intuition through the use of data-driven analysis, sophisticated algorithms, and automation. Therefore, the platform is the answer to an ever-changing world of cryptocurrency trading, where investors still need to execute precise investment strategies.

Algorithmic trading is driven by advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Algotech has leveraged these tools to maximise opportunities in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency trading industry. By eliminating manual execution, Algotech has minimised risks associated with time and human bias.

Algotech is giving investors and users peace of mind thanks to its innovative technical infrastructure and heavy focus on risk management. The platform enables users to match strategies with their risk tolerance and preferences thanks to Algotech’s wide range of algorithmic trading algorithms, which are conditionally adjusted to work in different markets. Through thorough risk analysis, position sizing, and portfolio diversification, it places an emphasis on risk management and the safeguarding of users’ funds.

In addition, the platform’s technical infrastructure is strong enough to manage heavy trading volumes, which results in lightning-fast execution and almost no downtime.

Token Sale with ALGT Presale

The Algotech platform is powered by ALGT, an ERC-20 token. Investing early in ALGT earns you the opportunity to get voting control rights, own a portion of the software, and receive dividends.

The ALGT token is central to research and development within Algotech, and the platform is currently doing R&D on strategies like hedging and mean reversion. Also, Algotech’s algorithms attract a 30% performance fee from users benefitting from them. Algotech’s revolutionary technology will open doors for ALGT investors to passive and residual income opportunities.

Algotech held a private seed sale after the presale and raised $1.1 million. More than 55 million ALGT tokens were sold during the sale. The public presale for Algotech’s ALGT token is ongoing, and the company has announced that 43.75 million tokens are up for sale.