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Cirus Foundation Launches Web3 Wallet As A Service (WaaS) Platform

Cirus Foundation, a Web3-based, initiative has created an innovative wallet service called Wallet as a Service (WaaS). As part of this endeavour, Web3 wallets will be made available to preexisting businesses and platforms in order to facilitate a safe means of exchanging currency among customers. This project is the first of its kind to target businesses directly in an effort to increase wallet usage within the Cirus ecosystem. The application grants the user “permissioned control of their asset,” which is recognised and supported by the company.

The Cirus Ecosystem, an approachable ramp built to hasten the spread of Web 3.0 and the Ownership Economy, was created by the Cirus Foundation. All of the tools in the Cirus suite operate together to provide users complete control over their assets and the data they produce.

WaaS and how Cirus Foundation is implementing it

An example of a platform that can provide Web3 capabilities is “wallet-as-a-service,” which can do so either by embedding itself into an existing application or by interacting with another platform. In the wake of the launch of the Cirus Web3 Wallet, the platform’s ability to combine user data and digital currency provides a foundation for seamless integration with preexisting platforms and web applications.

WaaS is a part of Cirus Foundation’s larger strategy to create an accessible and open economy that promotes the broad use of Web3 technology. They are working hard to create a WaaS programme for end users so that anyone can make their own unique Web3 wallets.

Even though the Cirus wallet only just opened, this has accelerated development efforts in this category, and the team has verified that they have just brought on board their first enterprise client to the WaaS programme. Using the first use case, users will be able to trade assets using existing centralised exchanges in a safer fashion that doesn’t leave their assets vulnerable to manipulation or theft by the platform.