China June M2 money supply +8.5%, Below Forecasts

Money supply growth in China continues in a range of 8-9% over the last year-and-a-half. The China New Loans came in at 1660B, missing expectations of 1700B in July.

The China Trade Balance in USD came in at $50.98B, beating expectations of 44.65B for June.

China Trade Balance in CNY came in at 345.18B also beating expectations of 284.674B in June.

China Imports, year of year, registered at -7.3%, below expectations (-4.5%) in June

China Exports, year of year, CNY below expectations (21.4%) in June: Actual (6.1%)

The Chinese H1 trade report from China Customs shows that trade has been resilient during H1 due to the stable economy. The Chinese economy has been in the proper range so far this year.Don’t miss a beat! Follow us on Twitter.