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Chancer, the Predictive Market App, Launches Crypto Presale

Chancer, the first decentralised prediction markets app, has today launched its token presale. The project’s overarching goal is to cause widespread disruption within the betting business by empowering users to establish their own betting markets, determine their own odds, and establish their own rules. This would effectively take the ‘house’ out of the equation.

Boundless betting

Chancer markets itself as a betting facilitator rather than a betting house, enabling customers to set up P2P wagers. The brothers Adam and Paul Kelbie, who founded the company, say it will fundamentally alter the way people bet and, in the end, restore the fun in betting.

Chancer’s goal is to become the industry standard in the massive online gambling and betting market. The platform caters to all types of wagers, whether they are casual wagers between a few of people or massive, viral bets on things like the Champions League final or the winner of Best Director at the Academy Awards.

In addition, unlike most bookmakers, Chancer allows bets on any forecast or event, not only sports. Its allure stems from the fact that users can set their own odds and avoid losing money to a traditional bookmaker.

Adam Kelbie, CEO of Chancer, says:

“We’re confident that we can change the way betting and gambling works. The next few months are going to be very exciting, and we’re thrilled that we can offer a new cryptocurrency in such a competitive market.”

Getting paid

All bets and winnings are settled in the platform’s native currency, CHANCER, which can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, including USDT. The presale for the CHANCER token, which consists of a total of 12 phases, is currently live. The token will be released on the BSC Blockchain. The token is currently being offered in the first stage of the presale at a price of $0.010, with a predicted price increase of $0.021 by stage 12.

In addition to providing a Share2Earn scheme, staking, and discounted fees for those who establish and participate in the market, Chancer also believes in rewarding its users and will thus provide CHANCER tokens merely for using the platform.

The Chancer roadmap

According to the whitepaper, the project has a well-thought-out roadmap that details multiple product use cases to pique the attention of different sorts of investors. Chancer says that it seeks full decentralisation as well. To prevent any one entity from dominating the network, it will employ a consensus method based on “proof of stake.” Decisions on the platform will be delegated to the users themselves, thanks to quadratic governance.

Chancer says that its source code will be freely available to ensure complete disclosure. This also guarantees that all suggestions for improving the platform’s functionality will be carefully considered. WebRTC, developed by Google, allows for instantaneous communication and will be the unique conduit via which Chancer will broadcast events to its community.