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Ce-DeFi Club Poliant Launches “Follow the Whale” Trading Platform

The crypto-centric AI private club Poliant has released a new platform called Follow the Whale that aims to significantly contribute to the cryptocurrency industry by analysing data and forecasting major market shifts. The primary purpose of developing the private Follow the Whale Pool platform was to analyse terabytes of data every second in order to foresee important information.

Poliant’s Mission and How Follow the Whale works

When a whale joins or leaves the market for a cryptocurrency, Follow the Whale will be able to detect it. The platform will accomplish this by rapidly accessing massive amounts of data. Packages of market and exchange data will be the source of this information.

Follow the Whale’s primary mission is to respond to the whale’s signal. The Follow the Whale pool will “Short” when a whale leaves the market, and “Buy” when a new whale enters. The developers of Follow the Whale are able to generate rewards from the trading habits of “whales” thanks to this technology.

The goal of Poliant and Follow the Whale’s analysis of Whale action data is to give users with useful information and to supplement AI (Artificial Intelligence) software’s decision-making processes. Some of the major events that can shake up the cryptocurrency market are predictable by Follow the Whale. As a result, it has the potential to improve the overall state of affairs in the crypto community.

In its own words, Poliant is a “Centralized-Decentralised DeFi” (CEDEFI) venture. Companies that specialise in verifying various aspects of the project, such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols, software integration, token issuance, and others, are linked to the project’s centralised hub.On the other hand, Poliant’s decentralised features are linked to token liquidity, POLI, xPOLI, rewards, administration, and democracy. The ultimate goal of the project is to serve as a hub where people can come together to talk about everything relevant to cryptography.