CBOE FX Volume Soared to $854B in August as ADV Slipped

CBOE FX Markets, a leading player in the forex market, saw its monthly trading volume hit $854 billion in August. However, its average daily trading volume (ADV) slipped to a four-month low of $37.16 billion.

CBOE FX Markets is a leading company in the forex market. It is a business owned by CBOE, the $12 billion options and futures company. The company publishes its forex volumes on a daily basis.

According to its statistics portal, the company’s spot monthly volume of forex rose to $854.85 billion in August. This was an improvement from the previous month’s $801.9 billion.

However, this increase happened because August had more trading days than July. August had 23 trading days while July had 21. Still, the amount was much higher than the $636 billion that it handled in the same month in 2021.

Volumes have nonetheless been trending upwards this year even as challenges continued. In Q1 and Q2, total trading volume was $2.6 trillion and $2.52 trillion respectively. That was much higher than the average of $2.3 trillion that it handled in 2021.

CBOE Global Markets, the parent company of CBOE FX Markets, is doing well. In the second quarter, the company’s revenue rose by 21%, as its derivatives income jumped by 30%. Its data and access solutions rose by 20% while its cash and spot markets revenue rose by 7%.