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Bosch-Led Consortium to Showcase Privacy-Centric Vehicle Verification System

The market for and interest in electric cars is expanding. However, the requirement to sign up for multiple accounts with charge providers, as well as the associated data privacy concerns, are stumbling blocks to their widespread adoption.

A potentially disruptive project

moveID, a project led by Bosch-led, as part of the Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility project, uses peer-to-peer technology to address this challenge. With this technology, vehicles can verify their details at any charging station and pay for the session with their own digital wallets, all without compromising user privacy.

GAIA-X is an association focusing on trusted data and it has 300 members across the European Union. The project aims to facilitate communication between vehicles via their unique identifiers, which may be used for things like finding charging stations, settling bills, and enabling autonomous driving.

peaq network, a layer-1 blockchain, and Gaia-X’s moveID, aim to provide the ideal platform for decentralised mobility apps. The project team says they will continue to develop its network and digital infrastructure in accordance with the co-created needs and standards.

Using Self-Sovereign Identities (SSIs), the digital mobility infrastructure developed by moveID project partners enables autonomous transactions between cars and connected infrastructure. Using blockchain as a trusted, decentralised ledger, SSIs facilitate commerce and value creation between people, vehicles, traffic infrastructure, and service providers.

Bosch, Datarella, deltaDAO, Ocean Protocol, DENSO, Fetch.ai, htw saar, peaq, and 51nodes are all part of the GAIA consortium that will debut its live demo at the IAA MOBILITY 2023 trade show in Munich, Germany from September 5th to the 10th. Participants in the live demonstration will be able to take one of the vehicles for a short spin and try out the integrated payment system and parking services for themselves.

The project is partly funded by the German government, and this exhibition will highlight how top Web2 companies like Bosch and Denso and leading Web3 teams deploy smart mobility on blockchain rails. Decentralised identities provided by peaq network will be part of the demonstration, which will also feature electric Tesla and Jaguar vehicles.