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Boba Network Integrates With Forward Protocol to Improve DeFi

Boba Network, a multichain layer 2 optimistic rollup, has announced an integration with Forward Protocol. The partnership’s ultimate goal is to provide a smart contract template architecture that can be used to create DeFi environments that are scalable, secure, and flexible. The deployment of Forward’s smart contract solutions on Boba is a key result of this integration.

To facilitate quick and low-cost transactions, Boba Network implements a Layer-2 scaling solution and a Hybrid Compute platform for blockchains. Hybrid Compute is able to run complex algorithms like machine learning classifiers and it uses smart contracts to interface with Web2 APIs. Boba uses the Optimism Rollup as its foundation. Furthermore, the network can be executed on the Ethereum, BNB, and Avax blockchains, and investigates how L2s might help optimise the protocol’s constituent parts.

Impacts of the integration

As a result of the collaboration with Forward Protocol, Boba Network users will have access to smart contract solutions that can be tailored to their specific needs without the need for extensive technical knowledge. In the end, the integration provides communities with more easily digestible options. With this partnership, exciting new developments are in store for users.

Through its partnership with Boba Network, Forward takes a huge step towards achieving its goal of providing the framework to promote and reward involvement within decentralised systems through Forward Factory.

The most recent chain integration arrangement between Forward and Boba Network will allow Boba Network’s L2 blockchain to access and implement Forward’s customisable and non-technical smart contract solutions. The two companies will discuss potential future cooperation to create additional Forward Marketplace templates for the Boba Network.

Mitch Rankin, Forward Co-Founder, said: “The blockchain is a better place when projects moving in the same direction help each other achieve their goals. So, collaborating with Boba Network is a no-brainer for our projects, communities, and the blockchain ecosystem.”

For its part, Forward says it is excited to provide the foundation for the next billion blockchain users by making forward-thinking dApps and smart contracts developed on Forward Factory and ready for deployment on the Boba Network.