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Bitcoin Staking L2 Social Network Announces Raft of Industry Partners to Advance Scaling Vision

Social Network, the first-ever Bitcoin Layer-2 staking protocol, has announced a list of tech partners and heralded the influence of each as it builds out its environmentally-conscious staking protocol for the Proof-of-Work blockchain.

Having recently launched its testnet for Bitcoin Staking, Social Network has also launched an early testnet BTC staking rewards program via its in-house wallet, Earth Wallet. Following the deployment of Earth Wallet on mainnet, the Social Network team intends to open-source the software, making it available to all. In addition to supporting Social Network, the cross-chain, self-custody wallet supports Bitcoin, the Ethereum mainnet, and Ethereum Layer-2s.

The tech partners with whom Social Network is collaborating include Arbitrum, a leader in L2 Rollups and notable for its fully open-source core technology. While Social Network has joined forces with Arbitrum for its battle-tested layer two rollup tech stack, it has also committed to donating 10% of its sequencer revenue to help keep the Arbitrum stack open source.

Also operating in the L2 field and integrated into Social Network’s partner network is leading blockchain R&D firm ChainSafe, creator of open-source Ethereum Consensus client Lodestar. The collaborators intend to pool their expertise to employ ZK, MPC, and light-client technology to connect the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

Additional tech partners confirmed to be helping Social Network achieve its aims include:

LaunchNodes: Social Network will leverage the Ethereum staking infrastructure provider to develop a one-click deployment of its energy-efficient Bitcoin solution, Earth Nodes. LaunchNodes will also ensure easy deployment of nodes throughout the world via all major cloud services, including AWS, Google Cloud, and other Bare Metal service providers.

ThreeFold: Social Network’s Earth Nodes will also integrate ThreeFold’s autonomous operating system, ZeroOS, to store data localized to the end user – eliminating dependence on cloud computing providers. With the support of ThreeFold, Earth Nodes will be capable of achieving global-scale, petabyte-level data storage.

BloXroute: The partnership between Social Network and blockchain distribution network BloXroute will ensure optimal latency, making MEV on Bitcoin “a powerhouse with the potential to unlock billions of dollars in revenue and ensure the Social Network economy remains fair.” bloXroute has been described by Social Network as the heart of its Bitcoin staking protocol.

Biconomy: Biconomy’s SDK enables seamless UX on dApps, wallets, and appchains. Specialists in Account Abstraction, the transaction infrastructure platform has been tasked with ensuring principles of self-custody and security are upheld on Social Network

AltLayer: A decentralized protocol that facilitates the launch of native and restaked rollups with both optimistic and ZK rollup stacks, AltLayer will help Social Network ensure its production-grade RPC infrastructure is stable – and that it can offer the first Bitcoin/Nostr data availability layer on Earth.

With the aid of the aforementioned tech partners, Social Network is on a mission to create an environmentally sustainable staking protocol for Bitcoin and support decentralized social media.  The platform is currently inviting testnet bitcoin stakers to join its ecosystem and earn points for the mainnet.

About Social Network

Social Network is a Bitcoin Layer-2 scaling solution that aims to make the network more user-friendly, less energy-intensive, and a stable source of wealth creation. Bootstrapped by open-source Bitcoin and Ethereum developers, the Social Network testnet launched in 2024.