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Ankr and Tencent Cloud Partner to Roll Out Enhanced Web3 RPC Product

Ankr, the Web3 infrastructure and developer, has teamed up with Tencent Cloud to launch the latter’s first Web3-native product: the Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC (Remote Procedure Call). As a result of this development, new doors will open for the creation of Web3 applications that rapidly access data and perform transactions across multiple blockchains.

The Web3-native RPC service is developed to provide businesses with efficient access to blockchain nodes. Quick and efficient data queries and transaction processing across many blockchains, including Ethereum’s mainnet, BNB Chain, and Polygon PoS, are available to developers using Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC while they work on blockchain-based applications.

A look at Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC package

By working together, Ankr and Tencent Cloud aim to leverage each other’s strengths. Ankr provides advanced blockchain infrastructure, and Tencent Cloud offers top-notch cloud computing and networking expertise. This yields a very efficient RPC Service that can process many requests in rapid succession, at a rate of up to 1,800 requests per second per request chain.

With Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC, companies and Web3 projects can easily access the blockchain and avoid the complexities of deploying their own nodes. Due to the frequent need for updates and changes in blockchains, the high operating costs, personnel, and resources necessary to deploy, operate, and upgrade nodes contribute to these constraints.

As nodes are vulnerable to hardware failures, network interruptions, and malicious assaults that could negatively impact application performance, the new product also addresses issues with poor stability and availability. Since single nodes are unable to elastically scale at times of high concurrency and peak demands, this service also provides a solution to this problem.

There will be multiple tiers of service available through Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC. The public tier will allow for free blockchain interaction, while the premium tier will offer Pay-as-you-go options for higher throughput and rate limits.

In addition, an enterprise-only release is in the works to support a wider range of use cases and regions. Additional blockchain compatibility and a high-quality API service are two notable upcoming additions that will be integrated.

Starting this partnership sets the stage for more collaboration and invention between Ankr and Tencent. In addition, it ushers in a new era of rapid innovation in blockchain applications from both new Web3 initiatives and established companies.