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AllianceBlock Unveils Nexera Exchange to Bridge DEXs and CEXs

AllianceBlock, a provider of infrastructure for decentralised tokenized markets, has launched Nexera Exchange, a groundbreaking decentralised exchange platform. Nexera uses an advanced on-chain order book technology to improve the availability and depth of liquidity for a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets.

Bridging the gap between DEX and CEX

Nexera Exchange is an intermediary layer that improves the functionality and usability of AllianceBlock DEX, which was released last year. AllianceBlock says it has launched Nexera in response to the need for an improved user experience and enhanced liquidity mechanism. Nexera Exchange improves upon conventional DEXs by filling up the gaps in user experience and liquidity using a novel on-chain order book technology.

AllianceBlock provides liquidity to enterprises and facilitates the issuance, management, and trading of tokenized digital assets, such as RWAs, in compliance with regulations. AllianceBlock will continuously improve Nexera Exchange in order to create a transparent and compliant platform that is relied upon by traders and investors alike and meets all applicable regulations.

Additionally, Nexera Exchange is AllianceBlock’s attempt to draw banks and other financial institutions, as well as institutional traders, into the DeFi business by providing a platform for the secure and transparent trading of digital tokens.

The Nexera team says that it improves upon the already strong points of the AllianceBlock DEX while providing a decentralised trading experience on par with the top CEX platforms. By integrating Uniswap protocol, Nexera Exchange is able to take advantage of Uniswap V3’s high liquidity and promptly execute limit orders at the best available price. Market orders can be placed and further information about the liquidity of different trading pairs can be gleaned through the interface with Uniswap.

What next for Nexera?

Nexera Exchange’s long-term goal is to become an on-chain limit order book aggregator that allows for seamless access to liquidity across a variety of decentralised exchanges. The exchange’s next improvement will bring with it the capability to carry out limit orders.

Using the limit,on-chain order book, limit orders can be safely stored on the blockchain, and the protocol can choose the best possible match from the order book or from Uniswap V3’s liquidity pool. Users gain more power and price knowledge by switching from market orders to limit orders, leading to a more streamlined trading environment.

To encourage more robust participation from traders, the exchange will be introducing a stability staking pool as part of this revamp. This will enable staking of NXRA tokens for a share of the exchange’s trading fees, resulting in a win-win situation for all parties involved.

In addition, Nexera Exchange customers will benefit from the added growth and liquidity that NXRA will provide, as well as from the token’s expanded functionality, thanks to the token’s incorporation as an incentive mechanism.

To verify users and increase security, Nexera Exchange will soon add key features including decentralised KYC/AML protocols and gated liquidity pools, as well as zero-knowledge proofs so users may comply with KYC without disclosing personal information.

To facilitate the tokenization of RWAs, the platform will deploy Fractionalized NFT Representation technology. That will enable users to employ novel yield-generating DeFi techniques to ensure that RWA fractions are liquid. Finally, Nexera will introduce robust security measures like multi-factor authentication, state-of-the-art cold storage, and regular security audits.