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2blox Joins peaq Network to Build Decentralised Mobility Data Sharing

peaq network, an L1 blockchain powering Economy of Things, has integrated 2blox, a platform that provides an integrated AIoT platform that leverages data from a wide variety of sources. The integration will be built on peaq’s backend and business logic, giving device owners the ability to create their own unique peaq IDs for use in establishing secure connections between their devices. The tokenomics of the system will be supported by smart contracts, and device owners will be able to reap additional benefits from peaq’s system for allocating network fees.

AIoT and how 2blox integrates it into peaq

2blox is developing a decentralised Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIn), an AI- powered camera-powered network for collecting road traffic data, including counting pedestrians. These cameras will be equipped with autonomous peaq IDs as part of the integration process. Thanks to peaq control, device owners can easily add their devices to their fleet and connect them to the 2blox dApp. The peaq network will host the decentralised application (dApp) that will allow smart camera owners to earn money off of their data.

On peaq, 2blox will release its dApp with features like automated user rewards and device management. When devices go live on peaq, their owners will be eligible for additional incentives via a method that distributes a portion of the network’s revenues.

Devices that make up the AIoT have AI built into their foundational software and hardware, with everything linked together via IoT networks. APIs are used to make sure that everything on the platform (hardware, software, and so on) functions properly and communicates without the user having to incur effort. When the IoT is combined with AI, techniques like machine learning and deep learning can be used to the information gathered by dispersed nodes.

The 2blox AI-powered camera enables people to share traffic data with one another, greatly decentralising and improving the current approaches used for obtaining mobility data. 2blox’s MOBI1 sensor is a stationary device that can be installed in a home to track traffic in real time. Since the company will be basing its DePIN on peaq as the layer-1 backbone, it will be able to leverage of peaq’s core capabilities when developing its infrastructure and business logic.