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Unstoppable Domains Integrates OKC, Simplifies Wallet Addresses

Unstoppable Domains has integrated OKC (OKX Chain), the OKX exchange-backed chain that is compatible with EVM and IBC. Following the integration, users will access token assets from over 20 public chains in their OKX wallets, which they may send and receive using simple, human-readable addresses.  With this move, OKX has improved the user experience to make it easier and more intuitive to conduct crypto transactions.

How Unstoppable Domains is revolutionizing crypto wallets

You can effortlessly keep track of all of your tokens and NFTs through OKX’s Web3 wallet, which offers a multi-chain interface in one. Through the use of NFT domains by Unstoppable Domains, users may substitute their cumbersome and difficult-to-remember crypto wallet addresses for a short, memorable identity. Having one’s own domain ensures a more private, secure, and easily transferable online persona on Web3.

OKC’s Head of the Ecosystem Chai Li, said:

“Transferring crypto can be confusing, and we’re always looking for ways to make it simpler, so partnering with Unstoppable was a no-brainer. With Unstoppable, we’re giving users more ways to pursue their own brand of financial liberty.”

Unstoppable domains make wallet addresses more memorable, which alleviates the anxiety associated with sending cryptocurrency by mistake due to a mistyped or miscopied address. Additionally, there are no gas costs associated with minting domains on the blockchain and storing them in a cryptocurrency wallet.

The partnership between Unstoppable Domains and OKC is strategic. The majority of crypto traders in Asia use the exchange due to its widespread popularity. When a user purchases and “claims” an Unstoppable domain, they become the sole owner of that name indefinitely. True interoperability (IBC) and optimized performance are at the heart of OKC (OKX Chain), a Cosmos IBC-based and EVM-compatible chain. Consumer preferences keep changing from time to time. Therefore, it could only be a matter of “when” and not “if” domain wallet addresses will become dominant.