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Shell Share Price Seems Vulnerable, Chart Pattern Shows

The Royal Dutch Shell share price in the spotlight on Thursday after the company announced more efforts to slash its carbon emissions. The RDSB and RDSA share prices declined by more than 0.50% in early trading in London. What happened: The Shell share price has lagged the market this year. […]

Shell Share Price Forecast: On the Cusp of a Breakout

The Royal Dutch Shell share price is in a tight range as investors wait for the next catalyst. The RDSB shares are trading at 1,342p while the RDSA shares are trading at 1,400p. They are 60% above the lowest level last year and 12% below the highest level this year. […]

Shell Share Price Forecast After Second Dividend Hike in 6 months

The Royal Dutch Shell share price rose sharply on Thursday after the oil supermajor reported strong quarterly earnings, helped by high commodity prices. The RDSA and RDSB share prices have risen by 1.52% to 1,402p and 1,337p, respectively.  Shell news: In a report today, Royal Dutch Shell said that its […]

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Shell Share Price Forecast: Is RDSB Heading Back to 1,400p?

The Royal Dutch Shell share price will be in the spotlight in London after the company issued an underwhelming forecast for its business. Shell’s ADR in the United States rose by more than 1.28%. Yesterday, the RDSB closed at 1,375p while the RDSA closed at 1,440p in London. What happened: […]