Splinterlands’ Sale Of “Chaos Legion Pack” Successful

Splinterlands, a famous NFT based play to earn card game, just launched the much-anticipated sale of “Chaos Legion” card packs. Although the sale officially began on 17 January 2022, over 40% of the packs had been sold by the time of writing this article on the next day.

The success of Splinterland’s card packs sale was expected because the blockchain game has grown exponentially since its launch in September 2021, making it one of the most played games on DappRader.

The Splinterland card packs have been available to players through Credit, which is available for purchase in the online shop for SPS or DEC, the native tokens of Splinterland. In addition, an airdrop has also been introduced to ensure a fair distribution amongst users.

Players who purchased during the pre-sale will receive some limited edition air dropped cards together with the new release. Packs hold five cards, with one card being limited edition or higher. In addition, some cards can be upgraded into gold foil versions, which is rare, in which the card’s value and level are higher compared to its normal foil counterpart.

The pre-sale was anchored on a voucher system where players could trade in 1 voucher containing 4000 credits, with each pack valued at USD 4. Vouchers can be purchased in Hive Engine or got through taking SPS, which they got in the daily airdrop. Vouchers that will be used for sales in future are believed to hold further utility in Splinterlands.

Using the airdrop system has helped manage users rush to buy packs and the over-excitement avoiding early sell-outs.

A new card has been revealed at the beginning of the general sale and airdropped to the pack buyers for each 1M packs sold. At the time of writing, six cards have been airdropped because they had sold 6 Million+ packs. This allows users to still take part in the airdrops for the remaining rare cards.

Due to the gamified distribution mechanism and increasing traction, which links the crypto-game environment and NFT according to their value and rarity, Splinterlands is set to have more people visit their website adding to the number of unique users. It is highly likely that the number of active users and grow its weekly traffic past the previous 10 million peak.

Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, CEO & Co-Founder of Splinterlands SAID:

Splinterlands is thrilled by the progress of the game. In a single night, we did more revenue than 2018, 2019, and 2020 combined. We’re growing like crazy. We’re adding new players and new money, allowing us to hire more creatives and developers to the business. It’s absolutely living the crypto dream.”