Relite Finance Launches E-commerce Focused NFT Product

Relite Finance (RELI) has announced a strategic refocus in order to widen the market’s acceptance of NFT. With this platform, firms will be able to unleash new NFT-centric marketing techniques for attracting and retaining clients. WordPress and Shopify, for example, are two e-commerce platforms that will integrate with the service.

It takes a whole ecosystem to bring this vision to fruition. Relite has the necessary features including a platform, a consumer app, and an online NFT marketplace for companies. Consequently, Relite can seamlessly integrate multiple physical items, and their digital NFT equivalents. This means that online retailers will be able to quickly and affordably create their own NFT collections. Users can be use the NFTs for everything. For example, they can use them for gifting, as proofs of ownership trade them for cash and earning free airdrops.

Additionally, Relite is pursuing strategic alliances that will allow customers to have more options. Also, companies will be able to buy NFTs with credit cards and have access to on/off ramps. Ultimately, Relite wants to make NFTs more accessible to non-web3 users, which means making the concept easier to understand. “Businesses will be able to offer NFTs to their customers and the whole interaction will happen within an Android/iOS app,” George Groshkov, Relite’s founder explained.

About Relite Finance

Relite Finance (RELI) is a Polkadot-based cross-chain decentralized lending platform. It is a business-oriented platform for the creation and dissemination of NFTs to end-users who are not familiar with Web 3. To create an exclusive club of engaged market participants, businesses can mint NFTs for end-users, who will then store the NFTs. NFT-mining, distribution, trading, and voting for new features are all possible, thanks to the $RELI token utility, which has utility across the ecosystem. By working with artists, digital-first brands, and traditional SMEs, it provides easy onboarding and adoption of their new vision.