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Pi Coin Price Prediction: Where Can Pi Network Go From Here?

It seems that there is no end to the hype in case of the Pi Network. Millions of users across the globe are eagerly waiting to know the Pi coin price to determine the exact value of their holdings. However, the team is really testing their patience by kicking the can down the road again and again.

No matter how good of an analyst you are, determining the current value of Pi Network tokens is not an easy task. This is because the coins have yet to be listed on any crypto exchange for proper trading. The delay in the mainnet launch is the primary reason behind this dilemma.

It has recently come to light that many Pi coin holders are selling their coins in the secondary and unofficial markets in frustration. However, there is a huge volatility in price as the buyers and sellers find it very hard to connect. Also there are trust issues due to the absence of a reliable escrow system.

On the other hand, many holders have opted to just hold on to their coins and keep accumulating more. These users believe that the Pi coin price is going to be very bullish and a target as high as $1 is quite achievable.

In any case the current price on different exchanges shouldn’t be mistaken to be the true price as its is only for the IOU contracts and not for the real coins.

In the meantime, I’ll keep you updated on Pi coin via my tweets. So follow me on Twitter.

Pi Network price
Pi Coin Price (IOU Contracts)