IPwe Partners with Clarivate to Enhance IP Management

Clarivate Plc, a pioneer in information technology and data analysis, has announced a strategic agreement with IPwe Inc., a provider of blockchain-based innovative solutions for the management of intangible assets. As part of this joint effort, Clarivate will make its patent database available to IPwe. IPwe’s next-gen AI and blockchain solutions for IP’s digital transformation will benefit from this.

Why the Clarivate-IPwe partnership is a game changer

IPwe has been around since 2018 and is a global platform for smart intangible asset management using AI and blockchain technologies. Stakeholders in patent offices, businesses of all kinds, and educational institutions are witnessing firsthand how AI and Blockchain are revolutionizing innovation. In addition, the intellectual property (IP) sector is going through a significant digital revolution, and blockchain technology is going to play an essential part in this transition.

Through this agreement, IPwe’s Smart Intangible Asset Management platform and Clarivate’s leading patent datasets will help IPwe’s customers verify the validity of their patent portfolio. It will function as a centralized repository of authoritative information for all of the data pertaining to these essential assets.

When it comes to the use of blockchain technology for the management of smart intangible assets, IPwe is among the industry leaders. As a result of integrating with Clarivate’s platform, IPwe will have access to large data sets that will fuel solutions for IPwe’s clientele. There will be more transparency, faster transactions, and better business opportunities as a result.

By tokenizing IP, its ownership may be more easily monitored, licensed, commercialized, and transacted with greater transparency, less transactional friction, and more validated information. IPwe is working on a system to tokenize patents and other intellectual assets into digital assets. IPwe will be able to better support cutting-edge blockchain solutions with the help of Clarivate data. This will increase the reliability of IPwe’s data and boost the worldwide IP transaction market.