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EverdreamSoft Launches Subscription-Based Tokenised Card Series

Web3 game developer EverdreamSoft has announced the launch of its tokenised card subscription series, ChainChronicles.  EverdreamSoft pioneered the creation of a set of tokenized cards, and the business is expanding upon that work by launching a new set of collectible NFTs in 2015.

To celebrate the eighth anniversary of the original release, EverdreamSoft is introducing ChainChronicles, a monthly subscription service featuring special cards inspired by pivotal moments in the history of the blockchain. Because they were the first onchain depictions of NFTs, many original Spells of Genesis (SoG) card collections have become highly valuable.

What’s in the new card collection series?

The new ChainChronicles series will honour the earliest SoG collectibles while also marking significant moments in blockchain’s past. Collectors can expect to receive digital artwork and historical trading cards designed by some of the industry’s most forward-thinking NFT artists in each month’s package.

A new SoG card depicting an important development in blockchain technology will be sent to members every month. However, subscribing is the only way to get your hands on the new cards and complete sets, which raises their value and rarity. In addition to the original artwork created for the subscription, members of ChainChronicles will receive historic NFTs from a variety of collections as well as SoG in-game incentives. Essential, Curator, and OG are the three bundles available from ChainChronicles.

The Essential Pack features unique illustrations, game-changing SoG abilities, and a legendary card of unknown rarity. Each month, it will ship you one card depicting a pivotal moment in blockchain development. The Curator Pack has three times as many cards as the Essential Pack each month, including a rare vintage NFT printed between 2015 and 2017, and one legendary card from the SoG set. Finally, the OG Pack includes 10 exclusive units with new artwork every month, as well as 1 SoG legendary card, 1 rare vintage NFT card from 2015-2017, and 1 vintage card from the Spells of Genesis set.