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Eden Gallery Announces NFT Drop from Famed Artist, Gal Yosef

Global art powerhouse, Eden Gallery, has teamed up with acclaimed 3D artist Gal Yosef to launch his NFT collection. The collection, dubbed “Meta Eagle Club NTF collection” will feature eagle-inspired avatars. The sale event is scheduled to start soon.

 The collaborative work between one of the world’s most respected art galleries and one of the most accomplished artists promises to be memorable. Also, it underlines the changing trajectory in the NFT space that has seen accomplished artists play a bigger role. Gal will churn out his work from Eden Gallery’s cutting edge NFT studio, RNSNC.

While Eden Gallery brings an irrefutable reputation as the home to some of the world’s most exceptional works of art, Gal Yosef is a rare gem in 3D NFT art. Gal is accredited with phenomenal works such as the Crypto Bulls Society collection, consisting of 7,777 hand-drawn ultra-realistic 3D art pieces. The collection sold out on release and generated $50 million in sales.

Regarding his choice of the eagle for his upcoming “Meta Eagle Club NTF collection”, Gal pointed to the characteristics of the bird. He stated that the eagle is considered a symbol of freedom, strength and courage across many cultures around the world. In essence, the eagle is relatable and has a universal appeal, breaking through cultural barriers. The collection will feature 12,000 captivating Eagle avatars from Gal’s digital art world named “Galyverse”.

Working on the wings and feathers allowed me to soar and explore new heights in 3D art.”

Gal Yosef


What’s in it for collectors?

The Meta Eagle Club collection is a one-of-a-kind NFT launch because it brings more than NFT. Each Eagle avatar holder will also get a physical artwork. In addition, collectors will get exclusive aviation experiences, including VIP flights around the world.

About Gal Yosef

Gal Yosef is a trendsetting artist, known for his unique, well-detailed and epic 3D artworks. In addition to reworked renditions of beloved cartoon characters and avatars formed from his own imagination, Gal Yosef also creates original designs. His creativity and imagination saw him start as an artist aged just 12.

Starting out as a studio owner, he reinvented himself, becoming a much-sought-after gallery-grade artist. Having immersed himself into 3D NFT art, he has worked with leading names in the arts and music industry, including Justin Bieber and DJ Steve Aoki.   

Since opening its doors 25 years ago, Eden Gallery has hosted artists, art pieces and auctions that have engraved blissful memories among art lovers around the world. It has grown to become not only an enviable name in the world of high-end art, but also a symbol of contemporary optimism and colorful view of life. Eden Gallery has a strong presence in some of the world’s art hotspots, including New York, Miami, London, Aspen and Mykonos. Also, the gallery has revealed plans to open in Dubai.


RNSNC (pronounced “renaissance”) is Eden Gallery’s revolutionary approach to art. It envisions fusing art, technology and luxury. Ultimately, it aims to give collectors and creators a truly new age art experience. The RNSNC studio is already up and running, and has brought together some of the biggest names in art.