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Crypto Exchange LeveX Launches Innovative Integrated Social Trading Feature

Cryptocurrency exchange LeveX added a social trading component, which it expects to encourage the growth of a vibrant and cohesive trading community. The exchange says that its social trading is groundbreaking because of how well all of its different components work together in harmony.

The social trading tool eliminates the need for influential traders to keep up several profiles, giving them a single platform from which to draw in new followers, disseminate their knowledge, and foster direct relationships with their followers through custom tournaments and funds.

LeveX markets itself as a top-tier cryptocurrency exchange platform, one that facilitates easy, fast, and secure transactions in a secure environment. In addition to the most popular trading pairs including BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, and LTCUSDT, users also have access to a large number of alternative options.

Social Trading the LeveX Way

LeveX has taken cues from Twitter but tailored its social trading content to the cryptocurrency trading industry. The stream can be accessed straight from users’ dashboards.

  • Transparent Trading Posts: Information about trades, including quantity, direction, price, and date, can be freely shared by influential traders on open trading platforms. You can easily engage with other followers by disseminating media, videos, and trade IDs.
  • Custom Tournaments: Top Traders can host both public and private tournaments, exclusively for their fans, offering large prize pools.
  • Custom Funds Creation: Leading traders can create customised altcoin funds where their followers can analyse the information and make direct investments.
  • Native Analytics Tools: To ensure that all users have access to the same information, LeveX plans to implement analytics and data directly into the platform.
  • Trader-Influenced Platform Choices: LeveX has implemented a voting system proportional to trade volume in order to take into account the useful opinions and suggestions of its user base. Users’ ability to vote on important platform decisions is directly proportional to the volume of trades they conduct.

Traders can actively create their LeveX experience by voting for the next cryptocurrency to be listed, suggesting unique trading tools, and recommending feature implementations. These features are essential as they reinforce the platform’s community-centric focus.

Users benefit from a heightened trading experience as a result of this integration because they have access to more data and options than ever before. The platform makes it easy for users to view the trades of a seasoned trader they trust, copy trade, or join a fund or tournament. Furthermore, the planned analytics capabilities, which are generally only accessible via paid memberships, will be available as part of the platform at no additional cost.

The result of these improvements is a powerful and welcoming system that balances trading and social interactions. By giving its users a competitive edge and better possibilities, LeveX fosters a culture where everyone has a fighting chance.

It pays to be active on LeveX

LeveX says it compensates all contributors, whether they do so by actively trading, providing helpful input, or discovering and reporting faults in the system. The VIP System, which the exchange offers, is one of the highest in the market, with 25 tiers of exclusive awards available to traders of all volumes. The highest tier of benefits is VIP25, where traders are exempt from paying any spot fees and can enter a raffle for a chance to win up to $500,000.

The exchange is also preparing a Pioneer Phase Campaign that will coincide with the launch of the VIP system. These early adopters of the platform will be showered with $90,000 in gratitude for their participation in the campaign’s many incentive events, which will stimulate and enable trading, testing, and feedback reporting.

  1. Top Traders: A Volume-Based Leaderboard with a $30,000 USDT award pool to incentivize aggressive trading and leverage the competitive spirit to strengthen the platform.
  2. Feedback Champions: This is an engaging programme that encourages users to provide helpful feedback in exchange for entry into a random drawing for $10,000 USDT. This is a representation of their commitment to collaborative problem solving, which means they place a premium on feedback from the people they aim to help.
  3. Bug Bounty Hunters: Spot trading, perpetuals trading, and other areas are all part of Bug Bounty Hunters, an initiative with a reward pool of $50,000 USDT. It demonstrates a dedication to excellence and faith in the support of others to that end.

LeveX’s mission is to build a trading ecosystem where people work together to solve problems and create new opportunities. Users should be on alert for announcements regarding the completion of the mechanisms that will make this campaign possible.