ADANFT Drops First Collection to Great Expectations

Following AdaSwap’s launch of the ADANFT marketplace, the platform has dropped its first collections on April 5th, 2022 8.00 am ET. The drop marks a significant milestone, not only for AdaSwap, but for the Cardano ecosystem as a whole. Despite having developed a strong reputation as a potential “Ethereum killer” Cardano had not established a presence in the fast-growing NFT market. With the first drop of NFTs on the Cardano-native ecosystem, the network now has a strong foundation to take on Ethereum and Solana.

In order to carve a niche in the market, ADANFT  has an in-built voting system and a tier system. These two features serve as screens for NFTs listed on the platform. That is likely to give it an edge, given that it will ensure that only the highest quality items are on the platform. Therefore, in a way, this screening mechanism is comparable to the one employed by SoRare, only that it employs a community voting and tiered system. Therefore, unlike many NFT sites where everything goes, you can expect nothing but the highest quality pieces.

As an exclusive NFT marketplace for Cardano-native curations, users will enjoy faster transaction speeds and low transaction fee. This is another incentive that will likely drive more creatives to ADANFT. Being a Cardano-native NFT marketplace, users have to load their Cardano wallets with ADA and integrate it with the platform. Once you connect the wallet, you can bid, sell, and collect your NFTs easily, thanks to the platform’s intuitive interface. ADANFT also features a Mystery Box which will be activated in the coming days and will feature NFT exclusives.


Launched by  AdaSwap (Cardano’s native DEX) , ADANFT is an NFT marketplace for  Cardano-native collectables. Because of voting and ranking system, ADANFT’s hopes to improve NFT content. Ultimately, it aims to become the go-to marketplace for the highest quality NFTs. Also, Cardano’s energy-efficient, fast and low-cost infrastructure makes this platform attractive.