Tamadoge Price Prediction: Is TAMA Stuck in a Horizontal Trend?

The growth of memecoins has brought a lot of innovation in the cryptocurrency industry. It has also seen a rise in the development of new projects that bill themselves as the next big thing. Among these projects is the Tamadoge, which was launched in September and has seen significant gains in the markets. 

The Tamadoge combines the world of doge-themed memecoins with the play-to-earn industry, anchoring away from previous standards of memecoins that depended only on the hype for them to gain in the markets. 

The project’s rise in popularity has also been partly due to giving its users the ability to mint the doges they want. Users will also be able to breed, train and battle their Tamadoge NFTs to top the leader each month. The platform’s play-to-earn model will also help it grow significantly and allow augmented reality to become part and parcel of the project, where users will be able to interact with and play with their friends in the Tamaverse. 

Tamadoge Price Prediction

Tamadoge price started aggressively bullish after its launch, quickly rising to trade above the $0.197 price level. However, since then, the prices have come down sharply, and today’s price is 85 per cent below the price high set in October. 

For the past few weeks, the project has also slowed in its bearish momentum, with the past few trading sessions forming a horizontal trend. Looking at the chart below, we can also see indicators such as the Williams Alligator signalling end of momentum and market volatility as its lines flatten. The chart also shows the Tamadoge price appearing constrained within the narrow margins of between $0.020 and $0.45 price levels. 

Therefore, based on the recent price action, I expect the current sideways market to continue. There is a high likelihood that Tamadoge price will continue trading within the  $0.020 and $0.45 narrow margins for the next few trading sessions. However, a trade above these price levels will invalidate my horizontal trend price prediction. A trade above these levels will signal the start of a bullish trend, whereas prices moving below the levels will signal a bearish trend. 

Tamadoge Daily Chart