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Stargate Deploys to Kava Chain, Bringing In Liquidity from Ethereum and Cosmos

Stargate, a premier omnichain liquidity layer and native asset bridge, has deployed on Kava Chain, the Cosmos-Ethereum compatible Layer 1 blockchain. Following the move, Tether’s Cosmos-native USDt issued solely on the Kava Chain will now be accessible to users in the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond. This is significant, especially considering that Stargate has processed over $18 billion in transactions to date.

What the Stargate-Kava integration means for users

Stargate is of Omnichain DeFi, and it is a fully composable protocol for transporting liquidity. It enables instant, definitive, and cross-chain transfers of native assets for users and decentralised applications (dApps) by providing access to the protocol’s unified liquidity pools.

Because of its built-in asset transaction capabilities, Stargate provides a more direct and efficient link to the Cosmos ecosystem. In terms of linking Ethereum networks, it is miles ahead of the competition: it has 300x more total value locked than the next most popular bridge.

DeFi users now have the safest and fastest option to exchange USDt between the Cosmos and Ethereum networks thanks to the deployment of Stargate on the Kava Chain. Users on any Stargate chain can now access USDt on Kava Chain and every app-chain on Cosmos’ Internet of Blockchains.

Stargate’s muscle and the Kava Chain’s adoption of USDt is likely to spur expansion, raise liquidity exposure, and usher in a new era of widespread adoption for both the Kava Chain and the Cosmos ecosystems.

Furthermore, with Kava Chain available on Stargate, institutional and retail investors will have access to even more opportunities on Kava’s ecosystem than before.

“Kava Chain’s growth since becoming the exclusive native USDt hub for Tether has been impressive, with 90 million native USDt issued,” said Scott Stuart, Kava Chain Co-founder.

Along with unified liquidity and fast guaranteed finality, user-friendly features like one-click transfers and swaps further simplify and expedite the movement of USDt capital.