Rocketpad Launches IDO Ahead of Exchange Listing

Cardano-hosted community IDO platform, Rocketpad is set to be listed on exchanges following its launch of an Initial DEX offering (IDO). Other unique features of the IDO Launchpad may pique the interest of potential users.

The move will also enable investors to profit from staking their $Rocket tokens. People who buy $Rocket pay a small fee, while those who put money into the system will get a return on their investment. Using $Rocket, participants can partake in the governance of the network by delegating their tokens to wallets for a predetermined period. Users are also able to supply liquidity and build markets on the blockchain.

Additionally, the platform is introducing the concept of token burning. This is an unusual occurrence in the Cardano network. Because of this strategy, $Rocket’s value and price will rise when tokens are wiped out from circulation.

Rocketpad’s IDO is a major  step in the evolution of crypto crowdfunding. Currently, the platform is able to interact with startup incubation and accelerator facilities through its partner network and user community. The goal is to find and connect with new Cardano Ecosystem firms with the greatest potential for growth and success.

About Rocketpad

Founded on Cardano, Rocketpad is a decentralized crowdfunding platform and accelerator. It provides support for Cardano applications, as well as advanced DeFi features. Rocketpad aims to provide a totally decentralized and equitable IDO launchpad platform that benefits token holders. The amount of $Rocket token balance will inform whitelisting of users.

Rocketpad’s utility token, $Rocket, grants users voting and governance rights. This is an important factor in the context of DeFi. Token holders, for example, can vote with $Rocket tokens on IDO-related proposals.

Integrating BSC and Polkadot chains into Rocketpad’s pool type and whitelist criteria is also a primary focus.