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Rarimo Launches Interoperable “Proof of Humanity” Protocol Plugin

Rarimo, the interoperability protocol for cross-chain identity and asset management, has launched a “proof of humanity plug-in”. The plug-in went live after it was integrated with two other platforms: Galxe, a community-building platform where users do Web3-related tasks in exchange for OATs (on-chain accomplishment tokens), and Decentraland via DCL Curations, a virtual library where users are rewarded for completing educational exercises.

A case for “Proof of Humanity” and how Rarimo is approaching it

In the era of AI, concerns abound about the massive impacts that robots could have on online interactions. Therefore, it will become increasingly important to tell people apart from robots. Proof-of-Humanity provides a valuable illustration of the transparency, anonymity, and safety afforded by blockchain technology, and it serves as a roadmap for future solutions. The most recent uptick of interest in Proof of Humanity was seen when Worldcoin launched to a mixture of widespread acclaim and criticism.

Rarimo’s new plugin enables platforms to identify and block automated accounts and only allow genuine human users access. The company says that its Proof-of-Humanity solution offers a frictionless experience for consumers, as they just need to go through a few more clicks to choose an identity provider, develop a proof, and upload it to the platform they’re currently using. The protocol is compatible with smart contracts written in the EVM environment, and it is built on the Tendermint and Cosmos SDK.

Rarimo is an interoperability protocol that quickly multi-chains all proofs and makes them available on all networks. In this way, users enjoy greater freedom in their choice of service provider and are also free to utilise whichever network infrastructure they see fit. The plug-in is compatible with decentralised applications (dApps) and smart contracts built on any chain.

By synchronising the on-chain states for each proof across all of its associated chains, Rarimo makes it possible for Proofs-of-Humanity to become multi-chain. Since Rarimo enables providers to publish across various chains on-demand, avoiding unnecessary synchronisation fees, this connection greatly reduces the costs providers would otherwise incur when publishing these states.