Pi Coin Price Prediction: Future Uncertain for Millions of Users

The Pi coin continues to create a buzz in 2022 despite not being released to the markets. The cryptocurrency was created a few years ago and provided mobile users with the ability to mine cryptocurrencies.

How to get hold of Pi Coin

As stated above, Pi coins are not yet available in the markets. However, the past few years have seen a surge in the popularity of the cryptocurrency. Although there are no exchanges offering the cryptocurrency, the number of miners using their mobile phones to accumulate the cryptocurrency is growing. The growth has been partly due to the belief by its users of a likely growth once it is released in the markets.

Today, the Pi Coin network enjoys a huge user base of over 33 million registered users. The Pi network also boasts of 29 active users who mine the cryptocurrency regularly and help the platform grow. The project has grown in popularity due to its adoption of the Stellar Consensus Protocol, which makes it scalable and fast in executing transactions.

Price Prediction

Pi Coin is still not in any exchange; therefore, it cannot be traded. However, the company is still active, with millions of users still using the platform. In addition, the company still promotes the cryptocurrency on their Twitter account, with a more recent tweet asking their followers to download their mobile app and join the cryptocurrency revolution.

There were also expectations that the cryptocurrency would be launched in exchanges by the second half of this year. However, the company has cooled off these announcements. Nevertheless, it is still possible that the Pi network will be in exchange soon.

With no current price of the cryptocurrency to go by, the mined pi coins remain worthless since you cannot trade them. However, if the project is accepted in other exchanges, holders of the cryptocurrency are likely to use gain a lot. It is possible that the prices will be as low as $0.00001. However, due to the high number of cryptocurrencies already mined, users will be able to benefit after the Pi network is introduced into the markets.