NFT god Game, Apeiron, Launches Marketplace

Apeiron, the world’s first blockchain-based NFT god game, has announced that it will debut its Marketplace on September 7. The future Apeiron Marketplace will support the tri-token system, allowing users to buy and sell Apeiron Planets at whatever price they choose. It’s also a major step forward for the game’s functioning in regards to planet breeding and staking.

How Apeiron works

Users who sign up for the Marketplace between September 7 and September 21 will be eligible to participate in a special impending airdrop. On top of that, users who qualify will get access to the first half of the Apeiron Battle Demo Pass. The first half stands for the Solar Fragment, while the second section is the Luna Fragment. If a member of the community has both the Solar Fragment and the Lunar Fragment, they can combine them to create an Apeiron Battle Demo Pass.

The team has been working tirelessly since April, when they successfully closed a $17 million seed investment round, to establish the required in-game infrastructure. Apeiron and Foonie Magus, the video game developers, are making significant strides. The team is making steady progress toward their goal of creating the first blockchain-based NFT god game, and anticipation for the game is growing.

Users should stay tuned to the Apeiron Discord and other social media outlets to receive the second portion of the Battle Demo Pass. The brand-new ARPG x card-based battle system will be available after the launch in one month, but only if you obtain the Battle Demo Pass first.

The play-and-earn god game Apeiron is the first of its kind to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Players can build planets from space, then explore the world below as an Avatar in search of answers to the universe’s secrets. The ecosystem will employ a tri-token design, with the governance token, the play-to-earn token, and the premium team-to-earn token each serving a unique purpose in the ecosystem.