Nexo Pro Brings Institutional-Grade Aggregated Liquidity

Nexo Pro is the latest offering from Nexo, a regulated digital assets trading institution. With no minimum deposit and near-zero transaction costs, this offering is the first global trading platform to retail users access to institutional-level pooled liquidity. All five million of Nexo’s customers are now able to access the product at a discount of up to 50% off the regular price. In addition, it offers cutting-edge slippage-free spot, margin, and futures trading for its users.

Why Nexo Pro stands out

Nexo Pro is accessible all over the world with a simple UI and the REST and WebSocket APIs. Currently only available on PC, the Nexo Pro mobile app’s private beta will go live in the near future. Furthermore, all of the current Nexo services are compatible with Nexo Pro. Thus, with no fees and instantaneous transfers, users may go from generating an income on cryptocurrencies to trading them in a second. Nexo will deliver more token utilities in the coming weeks, including the option to pay with $NEXO and lower trading fees.

Nexo Pro’s cutting-edge features are a major step forward for the retail trader. TWAP orders (Time Weighted Average Price) are an advanced example of such a tool. These orders were once available only to highly trained professionals. However, they are now a standard part of the trading stack even for all users.  Also, Nexo Pro is the first in its field to integrate the order books of multiple exchanges and market makers. This provides users with easy, unified, and API-based access to the whole marketplace.

Nexo Pro allows regular people to conduct trades just like the pros. Given that pure-play exchanges often favor settling entirely within their own order books, this is the first platform to enable institutional-grade liquidity aggregation with several venues.

Limit and market orders, as well as Take Profit and Stop Loss capabilities, are all available in Nexo Pro. Settlement for perpetual futures contracts takes place in USDT. Further, they feature the option to initiate long and short positions (with leverage). This paves the way for users to implement directional trades and employ portfolio hedging strategies.