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Kingdomverse Launches First Metaverse Mobile Game

Kingdomverse, a metaverse that offers players immersive gaming experiences through casual mobile games, has launched its debut mobile title, Defend The Kingdom. The game’s closed Alpha build has been released to the Monkey Kingdom community. At debut, Defend The Kingdom will also include a play-to-earn system and a dual-token economy. With the release of the closed Alpha version of Defend The Kingdom, the Monkey Legend NFT collection will be playable on mobile devices.

Kingdomverse’s immersive world and its economy

A cross-platform metaverse experience, Kingdomverse features a fully immersive world and economy. Every player has the ability to establish and build their very own Kingdom, which serves as their primary base in the game. There’s a ton of room for customization when it comes to these kingdoms, which players may use to fight other players and amass rewards. In addition, each Kingdom has the potential to evolve into a community thanks to the fact that other players can become citizens by investing NFTs. The citizens’ involvement is crucial to the growth of the Kingdom and its fight against rival factions.

Strategy is essential for players in the Kingdomverse. Also, in Kingdomverse, citizens can join their neighbors to enjoy casual mobile games. By playing these games, players can get access to a wider variety of in-game resources, such as stronger buildings, armor, and weapons, and ultimately a more powerful Kingdom.

In Defend The Kingdom, players form teams of five heroes to defend the kingdom against waves of enemies in either a competitive or cooperative mode. Players are able to have an engaging and immersive experience of the metaverse while also having the ability to participate in a range of different games and enjoy the benefits of P2E opportunities. Holders of the Monkey Legend NFT can utilize this game to earn rewards and other benefits, such as an increased NFT value, that are only available to these players.