Games Developer Affyn Sells Out Debut LAND NFTs in 2 Hours

Affyn, a company based in Singapore that uses blockchain-powered technology to produce mobile games with integrated geolocation and augmented reality capabilities, continues to leverage the interest of its NEXUS World metaverse. This is evident with the latest sale of Land NFTs in its first metaverse city. A total of 2,000 NFTs, each of which corresponds to an actual physical location in Singapore, sold out in just 2 hours and 9 minutes after being on sale to the general public.

A difficult year for NFTs and Affyn’s success story

In 2022, the global NFT market ran into headwinds as a result of the broader crypto market contagion, which resulted in a precipitous decline in NFT sales. The average cost of NFTs, even the rarest and most carefully curated ones has dropped dramatically this year. Because of this, some critics have begun to doubt whether or not the 2021 NFT phenomenon was just a giant bubble waiting to burst. As a result, the fact that Affyn was successful with its LAND NFTs despite the turbulent market conditions is evidence of the project’s enormous potential.

Affyn’s success with the latest NFT sale is comparable to an earlier success story. When the first batch of 400 “Generation Zero Buddies” NFTs sold out in less than a minute, Affyn knew they had achieved something special. All of the LAND NFTs are comprised of 65.9-by-65.9-meter hexagonal tiles or 15,047.5 square meters in total. Users can also use the Flags that are for sale right now to claim their plots.

In light of their recent success, the Affyn team hopes to observe how Landowners choose to develop their properties in order to participate in the creation of the NEXUS World economy. Also, the first half of 2023 will see the debut of a number of other world-famous cities, following Singapore’s lead. Therefore, there’s much to look out for from Affyn in the new year.