FEG Coin Price Prediction: Fundamental Reasons for FEG Low Prices

Feg coin drop has been consistent throughout the year. However, in the last 24 hours, the FEG coin price has dropped by more than 5 per cent. At its core, the FEG token is a decentralised transaction network that can run on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chains. The platform is driven by its native FEG token, which acts as a hyper-deflationary, community-driven governance token. FEG has a two per cent transaction tax, which is cheap compared to most cryptocurrencies.

The main reason the cryptocurrency has remained very low throughout its existence is the high number of tokens in circulation. Today, there are over 41 quadrillions of FEG coins in the market. The cryptocurrency also has the potential to reach a 100 quadrillion total supply.

Therefore, with many coins in circulation, the cryptocurrency is limited in how high it can rise. For instance, the FEG coin is unlikely to reach $0.1 or even $0.01. This is because it needs a higher market capitalisation to reach such a milestone. Today, the cryptocurrency is valued at $85 million and trades at a price level of X10-9 .

This means the cryptocurrency will need to have a market capitalisation of $8.5 billion to trade at $0.00000001. Therefore, the chances of the hyper-deflationary FEG crypto reaching such a milestone are slim. However, unlike other similar coins, the FEG coin has a real-world application. The Tokens and the platform have been integrated into multiple DeFi applications. Therefore, there is a high chance that the project will still be available ten years down the road.

FEG coin price prediction

Today’s trading session will mark the fifth that the FEG coin price is dropping. The cryptocurrency has also been in a long-term bearish move for weeks. Since February 15, the prices have been in a sharp decline and based on the past few days’ price action. It is highly likely for the bearish trend to continue. Therefore, my FEG coin price prediction expects the bearish trend to continue, with a slight chance of prices trading below 1.9X10-9.

FEG Daily Chart